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Friday, April 20, 2012

Our Anniversary

This year is eight years since James and I got together.

AdriN2001: hey Mare
Mare51089: hey!!!
AdriN2001: How are you hunny?
Mare51089: gooders
AdriN2001: Dude Mare
AdriN2001: haha
Mare51089: dude
Mare51089: DUDE!
Mare51089: SUP DUDE?!!
AdriN2001: Sorry yo
Mare51089: no problemo
Mare51089: guess what?
AdriN2001: What?
Mare51089: remember when i was obsessed with free willy?
AdriN2001: Yeah?
Mare51089: well i was just watching it....good times.....
AdriN2001: hahaha
AdriN2001: Mare
AdriN2001: I met the guy I'm gonna marry
AdriN2001: I know him, my friend James
AdriN2001: But I just know now.
AdriN2001: I just know
Mare51089: really?
AdriN2001: Yeah
AdriN2001: I can't explain it
AdriN2001: We're not dating and we aren't going to be, right now
AdriN2001: But I just know, and so does he, and we've talked about it
Mare51089: that's so....awesomely strange
AdriN2001: And it's weird
AdriN2001: I can't explain how I feel
AdriN2001: Like, it's something incrediable
Mare51089: hm...
Mare51089: how did you know?
Mare51089: i mean...
AdriN2001: Something that the world set up a long time ago just for us, just so he and I would come together.
AdriN2001: We went to the bar Tues night, and we have always just been friends, like it wasn't anything more
Mare51089: yea
Mare51089: and?...
Mare51089: thats when it happened?
AdriN2001: And this night, we got real drunk, and went into the woods, and the world, it just touched us, it grabbed him, and we came back to my apartment and kissed a little but it wasn't anything much--but there was this feeling, and this knowledge, and we just knew
Mare51089: thats so...
Mare51089: interesting
Mare51089: i guess i dont have much to say, i mean you cant explain it and i've never felt it obviously, lol
AdriN2001: hahah
Mare51089: but that's good... i think....
AdriN2001: Yeah it's perfect
AdriN2001: But hey I gotta go
AdriN2001: You can tell Laur if ypou want but not Mom
Mare51089: ok
Mare51089: i won't
Mare51089: i love you
Mare51089: bye
AdriN2001: I love you too
AdriN2001: bye bye

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Cosleeping

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