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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Third Trimester

So I officially hit the third trimester about a week ago.

Since then,

- I have been cleaning obsessively--which is exactly what my house needed. Right now our new library (with guest bed) and books, is almost set up. The bed and dresser are all set up and all the shelves are in place and the books are at least half on the shelves. That room looks awesome and it will be easy to finish.
Our guest room now holds my sewing desk and sewing machine (and associated mess). I need to go through the desk better and organize everything, but it is a good spot for it. Also in there is a dresser holding our sheets and quilts, and a shelf with all the games in the house. The bed in there needs to be fixed/replaced since it is deflating, but the room itself looks good.
The downstairs has been rearranged so that James' desk is in the living room. We are going to try to set up the bills and mail down here, or we can sit at it when we are on the computer.
The wooden room (to be dining room) downstairs is sort of in the middle of being cleaned up, like that is where I left off. I have an idea of how to arrange things down there--mostly just clearing out to fit our new dining room table and chairs (which James' amazing Aunt got for $57 at auction for us, woohoo). But I also want to arrange the desk in there to hold jars and some big cooking things.
So I have made a ton of progress on the house, which is awesome.

- Also since a week ago when I hit the third trimester, I have had some level of heartburn after most meals (especially while laying down). This can be worsened simply by pressing on my stomach. :-/ But actually it's not really that bad--just very slight. I'm hoping it doesn't get worse but I think I might be fighting physics in there.

- And last but not least, I noticed yesterday (in the midst of my week of insane cleaning and moving things around), that my feet were swollen. I was pretty surprised. But I had been doing a lot (probably barefoot the entire time), and my feet might also have been sore (and swollen) from that anyway.

But it's definitely been a classic third trimester week, hasn't it? In some ways I can't believe that we only have 12 weeks left--less than 3 months to go . . . in other ways I feel like 3 months is still a long time to have this baby grow and get so much bigger . . .

He is supposedly about 2-2.5 lbs right now. He'll probably be at least 6-8 pounds, so he is going to triple or quadruple in size over the next three months, how the heck will he fit in there? -- Yet my stomach just seems to keep getting bigger, and I guess that's how.


Alyssa said...

Sounds like you're making great progress on the house!

I'm glad you posted, because I hadn't seen you much online these days and I was a bit worried.

Marilyn said...

can't wait to see the house ma BBBBBBBB! Sounds good!

Ash said...

Yay for getting lots done. I never really felt like doing much- even in the 3rd trimester :D I hope your symptoms worsen very very slowly, or better yet don't change at all:)

justadrienne said...

Thanks guys! Alyssa--the power cord for one of our laptops died and the other one has been plagued by viruses, so it has been difficult to get on. But I also haven't tried that hard because I was away a lot and cleaning a lot, hehe.

cheryl said...

It sounds like you got quite a bit done. I have been wondering where you have been. Glad you are doing well.

clare on earth said...

yaaaay. only a little to go. i can't wait to meet him. let me know if you need help with anything. and speaking of tomato sauce, wanna make a ton of it and freeze or can it?

justadrienne said...


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