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Monday, July 13, 2009

6 Weeks Today

Well, today I am six weeks and I think the pregnancy hormones are hitting me hard. We have an appt tomorrow and I am terrified that we will find that the baby is not developing . . . I almost cried about it just now but then I realized I was just being hormonal.

We plan on telling our parents at the end of July. We are going camping with my parents the first week of August, and I feel like, by then, it will be obvious that I am slightly pregnant--hehe. So James and I plan on trying to have dinner with his parents and Andrew and Natalya sometimes at the end of July, and telling them then, and then going down to my parents house so James can drop me off for camping, and having dinner with them and telling them all then. I am really excited for them to know, but also just to be in that place. I will be 8 weeks then and the risk of m/c drops to 2%. I will feel so thrilled when I am not terrified any more, hehe.

Funnily enough, one of my coworkers/good friends is also pregnant, and probably due within days of me. She told everyone at the bar last week and this also gave me a hormonal pregnant lady reaction where I was stressing about whether or not to tell them. But I honestly just feel like it is too early. I don't want to get everyone all excited only to disappoint later. If we do suffer a m/c and I need support, I will seek it at that time. But I feel like once you've told people you are pregnant, to tell them you are having a m/c is to disappoint them, I don't want that.

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