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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I am Getting Sucked into a Teething Vortex (and other Problems)

So, I REALLY wanted to post an update at least for james 8 month birthday and also post his 7 month one which I never did. But I haven't had time/energy. Why?

Crawling and pulling up and teething AND hand foot n mouth disease. Not to mention a bunch of other things. Which maybe would be fine, but . . .

My house is a baby death trap! Not really but we have four cats and there is fur and hair floating everywhere (not to mention animal bits that go unfound, ehhh), I have always sucked at cleaning (esp vacuuming/sweeping/mopping--th​ough I'm getting better fast) . . . not to mention that James is ripping up the floor in the kitchen, so there are bits of linoleum and god knows what else scattered everywhere . . . basically, I can't let james in hardly any spaces by himself because he is CRAWLING FAST and pulling up on EVERYTHING.

I finally MOSTLY baby-proofed my porch, so we are good out there and I can watch him there from the kitchen or laundry room, but I really want to make more of the house accessible to him so that I don't have to watch him every second. The living room is sort of okay, and our bedroom is nearly baby-proofed, but the rest of the house needs to be done.

Another problem is that he's been super fussy from teething, and he gets up SO early, awake by 5:30/6, I put him down for his first nap now (by going on a walk) before 8 am, and then he hasn't been falling asleep until like . . . 9 some nights? I feel like I have no time to myself, he's nursing so much in the middle of the night lately, I'm just exhausted.

So, even when he's napping, I'm too tired to babyproof or clean half the time. Siiigh. And when he's awake, well, I just have to watch him 24/7 because my house is a deathtrap, as I mentioned. And I won't even go into the fact that he's CONSTANTLY falling and hitting his head (with all the pulling up). I feel like an awful mother. Gah!!!

AND I also haven't had time to do any of the things that make me feel like me--blogging, going on IV, taking pictures, I just feel overwhelmed. :(


Ella said...

(((HUGS))) Adrienne. I totally remember feeling the same way when Eliza became mobile. It takes a while to get used to the change when they are on the go and into everything. There are still days when I miss it and Eliza has been mobile for a year now!

Baby-proofing the main living area (where you would like to hang out most with james) will definitely help, I think. That way you will be able relax knowing he won't hurt himself (though the normal bumps and bruises will still come - I guess that's something we just have to get used to as parents!) and he'll be able to be "free" and play independently while you sit and do your own thing for a little while each day. We can't interact with them ALL day long, and that is totally okay.

Know that you're not alone in feeling this way, and you are in NO WAY a bad mama! This is all normal and will pass.

Christine said...

That is my least favourite stage of babyhood. It is exhausting and stressful because they are into everything and constantly falling down and hurting themselves. This will pass and just try your best to get through it ((hugs))

Ash said...

I think you are doing a great job! Have you though about having a cleaner come in and do a deep clean once a month? We actually have a regular cleaner now and it is crazy how much she gets done that I just can't get done with Teddy making a mess everywhere at the same time.

I think babyproofing more of the house will help you a lot. Humans were made to go through this development stage so even though it seems awful babies can really handle a few bumps and bruises. Teddy seriously always has at least one bruise or scratch or something else but for him being able to explore is SO worth it:D

Things will get easier as he starts sleeping better again and gets more comfortable with cruising and crawling- hang in there:)

You might also want to try to put him down earlier at night if possible- he might start sleeping a bit later in the morning.

laurengould said...

My ho! You are obvi not a bad mother!

I can see just by his progress during Montauk that he is really growing and learning SO FAST now, it is crazy! Its not surprising that his mobility stage creeped up on your guys (how punny) but like the other moms say above it is an adjustment period.

Maybe you should focus on baby-proofing the main living room, and figuring out a solution for the kitchen linoleum since those are the rooms you prob spend the most time?

Hang in there A! I love you!

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