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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Old School Sunday: Shame and Nakedness

If you haven't heard about my blog series "Old School Sunday", read the back story!

And if you want, catch up on what you missed (read from the bottom up!)

In the middle of the spring semester of my sophomore year in college, I rant via AIM to a friend . . .

13th March 2003
Current Mood: melancholy

AdriN2001: You know what I think alot?
SCS1NMY574: what?
AdriN2001: How much of life and human interaction is a lie. Just a farce
AdriN2001: People are so afraid
AdriN2001: Afraid to be real, afraid to find what real is
AdriN2001: It's so so stupid
AdriN2001: And TV and media and our parents and our friends and everything and everyone doesn't help
AdriN2001: Everything just makes it worse
AdriN2001: Reinforces its validity
SCS1NMY574: so what are oyu going to do about it?
AdriN2001: I don't know what I can do except live my life to reflect that I reject that
AdriN2001: I reject this worlds stupidity
AdriN2001: I reject this lie
SCS1NMY574: thatsright sista
AdriN2001: haha
AdriN2001: I really hate it though
AdriN2001: SO SO SO much energy is devoted to deception
SCS1NMY574: yeah but its really only natural, to a degree
AdriN2001: It ISN'T
AdriN2001: Why is it?
SCS1NMY574: dont ask me, i just typed it
AdriN2001: ha
AdriN2001: I can't see how it's natural
AdriN2001: Adam and Eve don't naturally feel shame
AdriN2001: They are taught it by the serpent
AdriN2001: Little kids aren't ashamed. They are taught it by society
SCS1NMY574: tru, but this is nothing new, if it stems back so far, to adam and eve, isnt this almost considered inate(sp)
AdriN2001: No that's the whole point of the story
AdriN2001: It isn't innate
SCS1NMY574: whatever, i guess i dont know the story
AdriN2001: Using nakedness as an example, there are plenty of societies where nakedness is perfectly acceptable. There is no shame in nakedness in those societies
AdriN2001: Shame is something we are TAUGHT
AdriN2001: That's SO SO horrible. What a bad and unnecessary emotion
SCS1NMY574: well the majority of what we are taught is so so horrible
AdriN2001: True dat
SCS1NMY574: nothing is really right or great
AdriN2001: Did you know that . . . hold on
AdriN2001: In Figi, there was no TV
AdriN2001: in 1995
SCS1NMY574: where?
AdriN2001: Figi. In 1995--13% of adolescent girls were at risk for developing an eating disorder
AdriN2001: Then Figi got TV
AdriN2001: Over a course of three years, there was a 50% increase in girls who thought they were fat
SCS1NMY574: shizat
AdriN2001: And in 1998--only three years later--39% of adolescent girls were at risk for developing an eating disorder
AdriN2001: Can you imagine how beautiful those little Figi girls were? Are? Can you imagine how lovely their skin is? And emaciated sunken cheeks models have unknowingly convinced them that they are not at all lovely
AdriN2001: That is so sad

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