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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Four Health Updates in One

Okay I've been somewhat slacky. I like the combo feeding post I wrote but I haven't posted videos or even very many pics for ages!

One reason for this was that my sister Kate was visiting me since Sunday night! We attempted to clean and organize while she was here, but instead just took care of james--not sure how that manages to take up SOOOO much time! But it was fun to have a buddy to help!

Anyway, I thought I'd do a few short updates all together. I also have like a million other things to update about but you have to start somewhere, so here we go:

Allergies/Rash--We are making great progress on james food allergy situation. The ATT works AMAZINGLY. Like, if I eat something he has tested sensitive to, he will immediately break out in a red rash after eating. BUT then if I get treated for it, three days later I can eat it, and no rash. It's amazing, and I recommend it for everyone!

So far we've gotten him treated for: histamines, digestive mucus (these two are generally helpful), yeast, caffeine, chocolate, tomatoes, soy, sorghum, graham flour, corn oil, coconut oil, sesame seeds, cashews, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds . . . wheat is the last thing on the list to get treated, simply because I am used to avoiding it and he's so allergic to it I prob won't be able to eat much anyway. Meanwhile, I missed peanuts like a MOFO! So that's what we most recently did. ;-) So obviously my diet is widely expanded.

PFB (Project Fat Baby)--My attempt to fatten james is coming along. With the bed-sharing and other things, I definitely think he is eating more now daily than he was a month ago.

And I do actually think his cheeks look fatter! I hope to find that he has gained at least a pound by next week, so I'm hoping he'll be around 17 lbs. Fingers crossed!

My ear infection--As you may recall, I was attempting to use natural cures for my ear infection instead of antibiotics. So I went for a checkup on Tuesday so see how I was progressing! My new doc that I love took one look at my ears and said: "Oh no, this is not what I saw last time!"
And I said: "All better?"
And she said: "Oh yes, this is definitely not what I saw last time! Hahaha.
"Great," I said, "I'm glad!"
"Just shows you the amazing power of the body!" She said, hehe. LOVE HER!!!

Therapy--Started going back to my old therapist about a month ago. Love her, too. It's been hard and good. There are things I shelved dealing with while I was pregnant but it's time now. Last week I talked to her about one of my biggest issues/traumas . . . it was really hard to talk about it and I was in emotional upheaval for days afterward. I told her that this week and she said it is normal to feel like that after moving some big stuff.

I honestly don't know how people deal without therapy. Given, I am a bit of an emotional trainwreck and I'm super sensitive, and have plenty of baggage from my ADHD life and all the big stupid mistakes that have marred my life . . . but I have to think EVERYONE needs support with their mental health, EVERYONE needs to talk about things that hurt them, that shaped them . . . I wish therapy was mandatory--at least once a year--why do we get "physicals" but not "mentals"? Is our mental health less important? I actually think it's more important.


Marilyn said...

I agree - I think therapy is important. I was just writing about this in my LJ but during the school year, it was like a nightly thing while Leah and I were making our dinner was to just talk about everything that was going on in our lives. It became such a routine and it felt so good just to "talk things out" and recognize things that maybe I was in denial of or didn't look at in the same way.

In the past 4-6 weeks I obviously haven't had that. And just last night, I felt so tense and my neck was sore and I haven't been sleeping well...I think it's mostly because I haven't had an outlet for everything that is going on and that I am dealing with. And it's especially hard in Michigan where I don't know ANYONE and don't really feel comfortable talking about anything serious with anyone...

Ahh yeah, anyway. I was thinking maybe I want to go to therapy and see what it's like.

justadrienne said...

You should my ho!!!

laurengould said...

Yeah I agree. I remember wanting to do it a while ago and Mom and Dad being like uh no we can't afford it. But yeah then a year ago mom was like...maybe you should talk to someone..and i felt odd about it. I feel like it is one of the big things that people don't like to talk about, because the connotation is that something is wrong with your head, and nobody wants to admit that or be part of that. Its strange though, like you said people go to the doctor even when they are well, to make sure everything is a-okay. I think its awesome that you can share this.

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