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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Old School Sunday: Cory

If you haven't heard about my new blog series "Old School Sunday", read the back story!

And if you want, catch up on what you missed (read from the bottom up!)

In the spring semester of my sophomore year--we are about to invade Iraq . . .

12th February 2003

So I am a supervisor in the dining hall. Some of the supervisors think that being a supervisor means they make everyone else work while they do nothing. Other supervisors think that it means that they should work extra extra hard. I just like to watch out for everyone's well-being. I don't like to see my employees upset, sad, sick, lonely, bored . . . I try to keep everyone upbeat and happy. Today, one of my students was out. I thought he was sick. He isn't sick. He has been called into active duty. When I was told this, in the office at South Dining Hall, I almost burst into tears. However, I managed to hold the tears down until I got out of the office. Then they flowed like a swelled river. I don't know this boy particularly well. I'm just his boss. But I try to look after him. But I can't look after him now. He isn't at school. He isn't at work. He isn't on campus. He's probably on a bus--or being trained to fight a war. He's a kid--I'M HIS BOSS AND HE IS FIGHTING A WAR. I cried and cried and cried. This is so wrong. This is so wrong that this boy is not in school and not at work. I hate the world.

And now in which I attack my father's political views with histrionics . . .

13th February 2003
Current Mood: nauseated

AdriN2001 (11:08:18 AM): Dad
AdriN2001 (11:08:57 AM): This kid at the dining hall--Cory--I'm his boss,
AdriN2001 (11:09:17 AM): and he wasn't at work yesterday and I thought he was sick but he GOT SHIPPED OUT
AdriN2001 (11:09:20 AM): DAD
AdriN2001 (11:09:45 AM): THIS BOY is fighting a meaningless war when he should be at school and at work
AdriN2001 (11:10:08 AM): I'M HIS BOSS DAD and he's fighting a war
AdriN2001 (11:10:24 AM): Can you have mom call me tonight? I'm extremely upset
AdriN2001 (11:10:37 AM): I might never see him again
AdriN2001 (11:10:43 AM): Just like that
AdriN2001 (11:10:47 AM): I didn't say goodbye
CT Golden1 (11:11:46 AM): sorry to hear that A...calm downh
AdriN2001 (11:13:08 AM): I just can't believe it
AdriN2001 (11:13:16 AM): I kept trying to deny that this was real
AdriN2001 (11:13:24 AM): But people are leaving who might never come back
AdriN2001 (11:13:46 AM): I don't know how people can be supporting this war when their CHILDREN ARE LEAVING
AdriN2001 (11:14:36 AM): How many deaths is it going to take until everyone starts realizing this war is STUPID AND POINTLESS AND NOT WORTH IT
AdriN2001 (11:14:46 AM): How many people died in Vietnam?
AdriN2001 (11:14:53 AM): Is it going to be that many again?
AdriN2001 (11:15:09 AM): Is Dave and Joshy going to be drafted?
AdriN2001 (11:15:11 AM): Are you?
AdriN2001 (11:17:23 AM): Are you Daddy . . . PLEASE STOP THIS
AdriN2001 (11:17:54 AM): We teach our children to talk it out and yet we support this
AdriN2001 (11:18:15 AM): We are better than this and smarter
AdriN2001 (11:18:24 AM): You should be smarter than to think this is right
AdriN2001 (11:18:32 AM): It's wronger than anything
AdriN2001 (11:19:20 AM): It makes us Saddam.
AdriN2001 (11:19:34 AM): We become him in our quest against fear
AdriN2001 (11:21:12 AM): Because 911 happened and something had to give. Because people started to question whether Bush had a "legitimate claim" to the throne of our nation and a distraction was needed and oil was needed and 911 happened and so we became as bad as Saddam
AdriN2001 (11:21:22 AM): Worse because we should have learned the first time
AdriN2001 (11:21:54 AM): They already are
CT Golden1 signed off at 11:22:16 AM.

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