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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1/11/11 1:11:11 Resolution

So Yan Xin Qigong (the meditation/life practice that I study) has been on an official hiatus--my understanding is that they are reorganizing, which is probably a good thing, but we haven't had official chapter meetings or regional events in nearly a year.

I've observed that people who have continued with daily practice and study (writing reflective papers and making life or mind changes as a result) have done fine, and even gotten great benefit over the last year. My little family has certainly benefited and many of our friends as well.

But personally I have trouble practicing every day. I am good at writing papers and reflecting (but I should do more), and I try to practice de (virtue) in my daily life, and I think I do okay at that too. But I rarely practice on my own.

When we were having weekly and biweekly meetings, I would practice at least once or twice a week, but now it's been almost a year since I had that support. James practices daily, and so he is our rock in terms of maintaining a basic level of practice in our home.

However, I think I realized today that our house, our families, our bodies (health), and minds (health) are not as strong as they have been and can be, and now there is a third person here to support.

The conclusion? I need to start doing my part. I need to start practicing every day.

So this is my resolution. For the rest of 2011, I will practice every day. This will be an experiment--what can one year of Yan Xin Qigong inspire in a person's life? How will my life and the lives of my family and friends change?

My first goal will be three days, then one week, then one month, then three months, then six months, and then a year. I will try to update about how I am doing and what is changing. It is like breastfeeding--every day, as much as I can do it, as long as I can do it for, it will benefit my family. I can breastfeed, so I can do this, too.

This is my resolution.


A said...

I've been practicing every day for like 10 days in a row now! Sometimes it's super short but it's happening!

justadrienne said...

Woohoo! Maybe it's a chapter trend! Keep up the good work! Today was Day 3 for me.

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