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Monday, January 17, 2011

Birth is Awesome, People!

Over the weekend, we had a family party for my Aunt's birthday, and I was reminiscing with my cousin, whose girlfriend is pregnant, about James' birth.

While I was talking about it with him I was hit unexpectedly with a sense of nostalgia . . . though the last month of pregnancy is freaking torture, one thing that is fun (admittedly, in a torturous way) is not knowing when you will suddenly go into labor. I can't imagine having a scheduled Cesarean section or induction and having that anticipation taken away. It's like a surprise Christmas Morning that could strike at any time!

Even more, I was nostalgic for the labor and birth. My labor and birth was so fast that I am continually in disbelief that it even happened. But honestly, I miss it--labor and birth is such a special time in a woman's life. It is these fleeting moments that define you as a woman and turn you into a Mother.

There is something so special about working hard and bringing forth life--it is so exciting and thrilling--there is nothing that gives you a bigger adrenaline rush, a bigger oxytocin rush, a bigger endorphin rush--it is the ultimate experience. The contractions come and come and yes, they hurt but as the hormones start to surge, your mind steps out of your body and your body completely takes over.

Birth, more than any other experience, is evidence that we are still primal, human in a way that is deep and connected to the true source of life. In our world of information, we try to intellectualize birth--but in the end, the best training would just teach us to get our of our own way. Our bodies KNOW. They KNOW. And they DO. They DO absolutely perfectly. They grow perfect babies and they birth them with no problem.

There is something so so incredible about being a passenger on the wild ride of your labor and delivery--it's like riding a bucking bronco that has taken possession over your body. You just hold on and yet let go at the same time.

And in the end, your body just pushes out this perfect baby, and you are a mother. It is unbelievable, there is just nothing, nothing in the world like it.

My conclusion after these moments of nostalgia?

I honestly can't WAIT to give birth again.


Emmy said...

I always read, but am bad at commenting...

I'm glad to hear you're excited to give birth again! Makes me a little less nervous for what is going to happen in about 2 months!

april said...

I have felt so much more confident since I read your birth story and you mentioned replacing all negative thoughts about labor with positive ones. It is great to read this post as well.

mpence said...

I also love to give birth, especially the full term, unmedicated type! I am a little 'gun shy' about it after having been through a hard delivery with Serenity, but I am also already looking forward to when God would bless us again! It is a miracle like no other!

justadrienne said...

April and Emmy--I'm so glad that my experience has helped you be less nervous for yours. I really think fear is the number one cause of slow and/or overly painful labor--when you are scared to let your body do it's thing, you get in your own way so much more.

laurengould said...

Okay I am seriously on my period, I am eating chocolate and crying (joyfully) over this entry.

justadrienne said...


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