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Monday, January 3, 2011

Why do people Breastfeed their Toddler?

Aww, I was watching the acclaimed "Extraordinary Breastfeeding" Documentary, and at exactly 5 mins into this part, it follows a Mom who is trying to wean her two year old twins. God I was like crying from 5:58 mins into it, when the little girl is crying and asking for her Mommy, and then it just got worse and worse!! I don't know if it is the nursing hormones or what but I was so upset about this! Ak!

Obviously people need to stop when they are ready, but I can't imagine James crying like that and wanting to nurse and me not letting him! He will probably nurse as long as he wants to because of that, hehe. Which is normal, honestly--the average weaning age worldwide is four.

But seriously, TEARJERKER. (Unless it's just me.)

Actually I already know that there is no way (big) James could deal with it. He hates it when James David is upset and he'll bring him to me and tell me to nurse him. There's no way he would put up with a weaning scene like that! Eeek.

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Ella said...

That is so sad!!! I can imagine Eliza would have a similar reaction and I would feel awful! :(

I watched the whole documentary and it was really interesting! I loved the woman who wanted to BF her adopted daughter. So sweet and tender. I find it really sad that some of the comments on YouTube are so negative and hurtful. There are a lot of insensitive, uneducated people in this country (and in the UK, apparently, as well).

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