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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Resolution Day 3 Update

As I discussed here, my resolution this year is to practice Yan Xin Qigong every day for the rest of 2011.

My first goal to meet was three days and this is the third day.

So far? I'm feeling good!

What I notice the most is that I've had more energy. I stayed up until 1 and 2 o'clock the last two nights. I thought that I would feel tired the next day but I didn't really . . . furthermore, I've been able to be pretty productive in these late nights with writing and working on my blog, so that's an additional benefit.

I also notice that I'm feeling a little more emotionally/psychologically stable. I am someone with a history of depression, and pregnancy was like this golden land for me where I didn't need to manage my state of mind--my emotions and hormones were so level, it was great. But I knew that after I had James, eventually I would return to being the slightly-a-wreck person that I have always been, and the last week or so I really felt like I was slipping out of the smooth seas of my pregnant emotional state, and I knew something needed to be done. Hence the resolution. So, it seems to be benefiting me in this area as well!

I also feel confident. In the past when I've made promises to myself like this it has felt SO HARD to do it, and even as I made the promise I doubted it. But this time it is different, and I'm really appreciating that.

My next goal was one week, so I will update again when I hit that next milestone!

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