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Friday, January 28, 2011

BumGenius 4.0 One Size Pocket Diapers

So some of you who are friends with me on Facebook might have seen a link I posted a few weeks back about how BumGenius (BG) diapers were on sale--for NINE dollars. These diapers are usually 18 dollars, so they were half off.

Anyway, so I got three of this kind, in "bubble (light purple)", "sweet" (light blue), and "grasshopper" (light green) colors.

My report? I LOVE them! The inner lining feels dry even when the diaper stuffin is soaked, and there is a flap over the pocket in the back to keep the baby's clothes from wicking wetness off of the stuffin . . . we had been using disposables a lot at night because the cloth diapers would get too wet and would wake him up. With these diapers, we can go all night without changing him and he still "feels" dry in the mornings even when the stuffins are soaked!

I had never gotten one-size diapers before because I couldn't see how they would fit a little baby--and I don't know if these would have worked as well if we'd started using them a month ago, but mostly they fit REALLY well--James is two months old now and 12.5 pounds. They are MUCH trimmer than I thought they would be, and I think they'll continue to work well for a LONG time.

One thing I still like better about Happy Heiny's is that there are no leg casings--I think for most of the time, it's better not to have them--but they work well for overnight.

I still can't imagine spending 18 dollars apiece on diapers! But it might be worth it if you were only going to have one kid because then you could just get these and use them for the whole range (8-35 pounds supposedly)--instead of buying several sizes that you were only going to use for one kid. In reality they probably wouldn't fit until 10 pounds but that still gives you a lot of time with them.

But if you can find them used or on sale or clearance (or if you are rich and can spend unlimited amounts on diapers) I REALLY recommend them! Yay for Bumgenius One Size diapers!

P.S. No I'm not getting paid to advertise for BumGenius Diapers--I wish I were though, LOL.


To A T said...

Just had to pipe in and say- we LOVE our BG diapers too!! We have the 3.0 (I think) and are THE top favorites in our stash! They didn't really fit Brynna until she was about a month old or so, but we have definitely gotten our money's worth out of them! We will definitely be buying more if/when the next one comes!

Liz said...

I love my BGs for night, especially with the insert snapped down! Extra absorbancy right where Peter needs it. He's only 12 pounds now, and they've fit for a couple months now.

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