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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

James' First Bath in Videos

My first attempt at posting videos on the blog . . .

James had his first bath on Monday. We have the Prince Lionheart Washpod, and it was definitely fun washing James.

Here is the before bath video:

And here he is getting in for the first time:

Here he is in the bath! He seems to like it a lot actually, despite the fact that he's a bit too small for the bath, LOL:



And here he is all clean and getting dried up in his Pooh towel, hehe.

My only complaint about the whole experience was that I didn't get to squeeze him enough while he was all naked and cute. Therefore I've decided our next bath, we'll all get in the big tub together! There will be no video of this, LOL!


Kate said...

This is SO. EFFIN. CUTE. I miss that little guy so much! Can't wait til I can come squeeze him.

A said...

That was so adorable. He definitely enjoyed it, he was so calm in the water. Probably reminded him of his birth day :)

Marilyn said...

you should post more videos! I love it!

Saffron Viola said...

So cute....thanks for sharing...first baths are always fun and challenging at the same time!

mariclare said...

omg. i don't know if i can handle the cuteness.

Ella said...

These are so fun! I love watching you and James and little James together, it's so heartwarming to see you with your sweet baby. :) He is SO cute, too, and I love that little washpod. I want one of those when baby #2 comes along!

But yeah, I second the big tub idea - that's the most fun to get in with the squishy little naked baby!!

laurengould said...

AHHHHHHH LOVING DAT ONE!!!!! Can't wait to squeeze his deuce some more.

jrose35 said...

He is just so cute and I love the videos! It so reminded me of our first bath we gave to Kathleen. She is now turning six months old and loves splashing the water all around! I love that he loves his bath those times are wonderful and fun! Very sweet videos thank you so much for sharing!

Free Radical said...

The sneeze at :20 seconds into the first video


Anonymous said...

Sooo cute! And so grown up! Natalya

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