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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wearing James

I have two main baby carriers--one is the Moby wrap, and one is the Ergo.

I tried out the Ergo a couple of times, but James always wants to nurse once he's in it which I haven't figured out how to do yet.

So I've mostly been using the Moby and I really like it. This hold is called the "breastfeeding hold, I can breastfeed him while he's in there and then he usually falls asleep in a few minutes:

The moby is basically one long strip of fabric, that you fold and wrap around you so that it holds him near you. It is a little overwhelming at first, but it is already getting more automatic for me after only doing it for maybe 4-5 days now.

I tried this hold out once (the lotus hold), but it didn't support his head very well while I was moving around.

But I can see how this would be a fun hold for when he's a little older and able to hold his head up more.

The same is true for the Ergo. I can tell it is a really supportive carrier and will be better for my back once he's able to sit up better, so I'm really looking forward to using that more, too.

In general, I'm really loving baby-wearing. I'm able to clean up around the house while breastfeeding him and "holding him" and rocking him to sleep all at the same time!


Iris Savea said...

I used a mei tai for Eirik when he was that tiny. i LOVED it! He never really liked the moby much. Now hes bigger i absolutely love my ergo! I also recently purchased a boba carrier which is great for the back carry. =)

Anonymous said...

You're not really supposed to carry him facing outwards.
The main reason is because the baby's legs are dangling in the air, the child can't support itself and the Frog leg position (squatting) (which is best for their hips and pelvis) is not possible. The rounded back is not supported (and it takes 2 years for their back to straighten). The baby is rather encouraged to form a hollow back. The baby can't check by a quick glance to your face about "dangerous" situations. And it also can't withdraw from all the stimulations around him, even when he gets tired.
But of course many parents think they know better and carry their children like this. You chose whatever you think is best for your baby.

Jessica said...

I found the Moby totally overwhelming when Gabby was little. I never used the breastfeeding hold, only because when she was younger she HATED it. But this past weekend (and I plan on doing it more next week while I am off again) I did the Kangeroo Hold with it and she LOVED it. She just hung out with me while I could do some house work. it was great.

justadrienne said...

Hey Anonymous--yeah I've heard that about the outward facing position, but I figure the occasional use won't hurt--I mean, I hold him just in my arms in that position anyway! ;-)
But thanks for the info!

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