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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Baby is a Prince

I've been a bit neglectful (of the blog) and this won't be a very long post either, but . . .

James is a sensitive little dude. Specifically, he HATES to be wet. He also (apparently) like pooping in completely clean and fresh diapers. So today James changed him. About a half hour later he started fussing again, and low and behold, was once again wet, and so, got changed again.

Literally the SECOND James sat down from changing him this second time, we heard a huge poop explosion. And so, the prince was changed for the third time in an hour.

In related news, today was our first day in exclusively cloth. We'd been doing some cloth and some disposables for the past week or so, but I quickly realized that the prefolds we had were WAY too big for him, and so were the size small Happy Heiny brand pocket diapers that I had. So the only diapers we had to fit him were four fitted diapers (3 size 0 Kissaluvs and 1 Happy Heiny), and 3 size extra small Happy Heiny's pockets. I'm really glad I didn't try to go for one size diapers because I'm pretty sure they wouldn't work for us at all, at this point.

Anyway, these seven diapers were not enough to get us through the day, especially given how often James likes to be changed, so we were doing both for awhile. However, by a happy stroke of luck, we got 12 prefolds as a present from our family friend Sharon and her husband Skip, and they were really slim and fit James really well. So today is our first day doing entirely cloth, and I think it's going really well!

James is the master diaper changer and is even quite confident now with the prefolds, snappis, and covers. I also ordered 12 more small size prefolds and two small fleece covers, so when these arrive, we'll really be rocking! So there's a little update for you!


A said...

"we heard a huge poop explosion"

hahaha, well at least he's a good sleeper!

mpence said...

I LOVE my one size diapers (mother-ease), but not until my babies get to be at least 12 lbs or so. Before that, I have a set of Kissaluvs size 0 fitted diapers that I use. It is still easy for others to change baby because it is all the same...one diaper, one cover. (Not having to worry about which ones are AIOs, or need to have an insert, or a cover, etc, which was just too much for my 9 year olds when helping with diaper changes!)

Glad you got enough to get through!

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