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Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Baby is 3 Weeks Old!

James David is three weeks old! He is continuing to grow and change so much--it is just crazy. I feel like his cheeks and arms and legs are getting chubbier--slowly, but surely!

I was thinking the other day how a month ago I was hauling my huge stomach around. I was getting into bed, holding James in my arms, and I pictured myself when I was still pregnant, climbing awkwardly into bed . . . So much has changed in so short a time, it almost feels like another person's life. James David has changed us so fundamentally . . .

I had this same feeling when James and I fell in love--a few days after, we walked hand in hand, and I struggled to remember the events from before I loved him. It felt like someone else, the person I had been "before". My life had been cleaved open by this monumental event--and now it has happened again, with another little James coming into my life, coming into my heart . . .

Now my heart will never be the same.

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