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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Things People Don't Tell you About Post-Partum

First, I'm still spotting. It's almost been three weeks--I guess I didn't realize it would go on for this long! Some of the people on my message board (a group of people all expecting babies in November) have been bleeding/spotting for SIX WEEKS! That is just crazy. I really hope that I'm not bleeding for that long, and that the spotting stops soon. ::sigh::

Second, I'm constipated as hell! And, according once again to the people on my message board, this is a normal post-partum thing . . . it's not even related to nursing--some of the people who are formula feeding are also constipated; AND some of the people who weren't even constipated while pregnant are now constipated post-partum. I guess it's just something that happens a lot of the time after you have the baby. (Yeah, WTH?)

Third, I was honestly surprised by how long it took me to recover after having the baby--it was six entire days before I was really able to be up and about--and apparently I was pretty ashen after a few hours of this (according to my family).

Fourth, nursing is a hell of a lot more painful than I thought it would be. It is totally still worth it and in other ways I love it--that the milk is always with me, warm, ready to use, and never runs out. I also love how much James David loves it--he gets this look on his face when he first latches on, and he is SO serious and determined--it is like the most important thing in the world to him (seriously) and I love that I can do that for him.

Yet, honestly, it is now almost three weeks since I had him, and while the pain is no longer excruciating, and my nipples appear to have recovered (no longer blistered and scabbed), it still definitely hurts sometimes--especially when he's been nursing for a long time or I'm engorged. I didn't think it would take this long to adjust to nursing but I know it does eventually become painless, so obviously I'm still adjusting.

All these things definitely surprised me!

In other news, I attempted to post another video but even after (literally) hours of "uploading it", I decided that it was not actually going to upload. Sooooo yeah. I'll try again tomorrow. ;-)


Alyssa said...

Check, check, check and check! My bleeding/spotting stopped after 5 weeks, but it was super light the last 2.

Anonymous said...

I think my bleeding stopped around 3 weeks and I don't remember being constipated. Although, I had a very unusual first month after Aisling was born so I'm sure that contributes to it.

I'm worried about your nipples! (hahaha only time in my life that that will be an acceptable statement). Nursing should *not* be painful. Is James getting a deep enough latch? When you break the latch are your nipples flat/slanted? If it hurts when James latches on, you can break his suction and try again. When you are comfortable he gets more milk, so it is a win win in the end. A little help from a lactation consultant can be extremely helpful, so don't hesitate to contact one. ~ Kelly

Arwhyn said...

Yup, all those lovely "surprises"... I agree especially with teh BFing issues, you can prepare yourself all you like but it's still a completely different thing when you actually do it.
The pain you're still experiencing could be the "drawing out" of the nipples, especially if you had rather flat nipples before.
Oh and here's another thing people don't tell you - and nipples will change and never look the same again!

Anonymous said...

my nipples hurt like hell for the first couple weeks - despite a good latch. and then it just stopped. and has been easy easy for the past few months. maybe it has to do with your personal anatomy? glad you are feeling positive- it does get easier.

Ruby said...

I spotted for 9 weeks!!! It was awful!! Then I got AF back 3 weeks later :(

mpence said...

This is baby #7, and while my OB told me with baby #5, that each pregnancy pp is different, I can tell you I bleed for almost EXACTALLY 4 weeks (give or take 1 day!), and then get AF back at 6 weeks (give or take 2 days!)...and I co-sleep, breastfeed on demand, etc.

I am not 6 weeks out and have no pain with nursing. But I have had pain with each and every baby, though it does vary.

Keep up the good work, you are definitely getting there! Hang in there!

Liz said...

I bled for 5 weeks and spotted for another 2. I never expected it to last so long.

justadrienne said...

Kelly--I think that the latch is deep enough--I definitely wait for the wide open mouth and I do unlatch and relatch him if he slips down.

I think at this point the pain is more to do with me attempting to do other things while nursing (like being on FB and typing and eating and "channel surfing") and so I'm jostling him which couldn't bother him less but I think it pulls on my nips and the area around them.

Part of it, too, is that he nurses A LOT. Like when he's not sleeping he nurses nearly non-stop (it seems like). So obviously I get bored and want to do other things, hence all the other various activities and jostling. The nips are definitely the sorest in the evenings, where often he's been nursing for 2-4 hours straight with minimal breaks . . . :-/

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