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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

James Held the Baby

So obviously James has been putting his hand on my stomach throughout the pregnancy, but last night, I was describing to him how I think it is down really low because I have this bulge right over my pubic bone--and I was saying that I think it is probably the head.

So he puts his hand on my stomach where I was describing and all of a sudden he got this amazed look on his face and he says:

"I'm holding our baby!"
And I was like: "Yeah dude, I know."
"But I really feel like it is there, like I am really holding a baby that is inside you."
I give him a quizzical look. "Yep."
"Wow, it's really a baby; wow, I am holding it."
"Yep, you are."

LOL! It was really funny but all jokes aside I was really touched by his sudden realization and connection. It makes it all the more special that he felt this before we found out the sex because I think now he definitely loves it already, no matter what it is.


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mpence said...

What a sweet moment! Thanks for sharint!

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