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Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Accomplishments

Wellll, our weekend wasn't QUITE as productive as I had hoped, but I guess I forgot to figure in how much time we were spending feeding the cat, and how exhausting it would be!

We had him on a 12/3/6/9 feeding schedule, and we agreed that we could skip 3 am. But that meant someone had to stay up until midnight to feed him (I think Fri night we both stayed up and Sat I passed out at 8:30. :-/). And then someone had to get up at 6 am to feed him. James got up Sat morning, then went back to sleep, and I did 9 am, and we switched Sunday. But both days we both crawled back in bed until at least 10 because the whole thing was exhausting.

So, we got a late start every morning, in the first place.

We also just had SO SO SO much piled up laundry, dishes, and problematic issues (our basement flooding, etc), that it took a lot of effort to get through so that it appeared to make any kind of dent. But in the end I guess we got a lot done.

James cleaned out and fixed the gutters (hopefully addressing the flooding problem), and wet-vac'd the water in the basement, did a TON of laundry, and cleaned out this mouse nest that we discovered in our dried beans drawer (how a mouse could survive in this house is beyond me--maybe because he didn't really have to leave the drawer for any reason?) I cleaned the entire kitchen (including the top of the fridge that had been accumulating crap and dust for months) and most of the living room, matched the socks, and made pea soup. And it was damn good, I might need to do a separate post about it.

We also managed to go on walks both Saturday and Sunday and Saturday we (well I) also went swimming!

James made cookies last night, which is a semi-accomplishment, except that it is somehow impossible for him to clean up after himself, so the kitchen I struggled to clean is now a mess again. :-/ But hopefully with only a little effort, I can return it to its clean state.

So I guess we were fairly productive, considering the cat, and I definitely feel like I am in a better place to move forward from here--not as overwhelmed at all (even though we did not TOUCH the upstairs and it is still completely insane, but I'm trying to work through that, LOL).


Missy said...

I guess feeding the cat is good practice for the baby? And you are right that we have to be more open about IF. I've been trying to be more open about it rather than just give the standard "someday" line in response to the kids question or changing the subject. But it is another thing to talk about how long it is taking us than to talk about how painful it is.

justadrienne said...

Yeah, I think sometimes it was hard for me to be honest with myself about how hard it was, let alone be honest with others. :-/

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