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Friday, June 11, 2010

OMG I think there's a baby inside me!

So as I mentioned last week, I've been feeling what COULD be little kicks here and there. (Or they could be gas bubbles). I've been leaning toward kicks a lot of the time when there isn't further gurgling and moving of the intestines. But it definitely hasn't been anything where I feel sure that it was kicking or moving.

I may or may not have mentioned that we have our own doppler machine, so we can listen to the heartbeat whenever we want (though we try not to overdo it, we might listen once every two weeks or so). But the last two times I looked for the HB I found it immediately.

So yesterday when our midwife was here, she tried for a min or so to find the heartbeat, but for some reason I just had this feeling that she was in the wrong spot. So she asked me if I wanted to try to find it, and after a few seconds, I found it pretty easily. My midwife was like: "The Moms always know where it is!" LOL.

But seriously, how DID I know where to look? I guess I do have a sense for where it is, though I couldn't find a logical reason why I should.

But just now I think I might have really felt it kicking or possibly even moving/turning a bit! Of course I can't be sure but it was little bumps just a little higher and to the other side from where we heard the heartbeat. So depending on how it is facing, that WOULD sort of be right where its feet could be!

I will have to keep an "eye" on this phenomenon and see if I keep feeling it in the same spot! Hehe! I'm so excited for when I can feel it move all the time.


Grace said...

When I first felt James moving I remember it felt kind of like little bubbles popping, or popcorn or something. It was funny because I had a friend the same amt. pregnant and when I mentioned that to her, she said that's totally what hers felt like too. Anyway there were times when I got the "butterfly" feeling, but for the most part it was like tiny little pops. If that makes sense. I bet you are feeling it, that's so exciting!

Alyssa said...

That is so, so cool. I get this gurgly/bubbly feeling too - and I think it's the baby instead of gas (because, like you said, gas tends to run through the intestines - these are more random).

That is awesome that you just knew where the baby was too! :D

justadrienne said...

Yeah I really think it is the baby. It is just so weird though that all of a sudden TODAY is when I really feel it and I've sort of felt it on and off all day!

justadrienne said...

And Grace, you're right it totally feels like popcorn. I was waiting for that fluttery feeling but it really is more like little pops!

Liz said...

Yay!! And just wait until it gets a little stronger. Dot has felt like a ping pong ball the last couple days (and nights!).

I'm so excited for you and James!

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