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Saturday, June 12, 2010

To-Do List

So it's pretty difficult for me to stay focused and motivated to get stuff done during the day--hence why I normally take adderall.

But I've had a lot of success using to-do lists to stay focused and for the last week or so I've been working off of this check-list and doing really well! Here's the list:

-Get up
-Get Dressed
-Brush Teeth
-Drink Tea
-Eat Breakfast

-Put in load of laundry
-Bring down load from upstairs
-Sort load
-Load dishwasher
-Unload dishwasher
-Switch over laundry
-Clean Kitchen
-Clean Living room

-Eat lunch
-Fold laundry
-Put away laundry
-"Do project" (I'll explain later)

-Make dinner
-Eat dinner
-Take walk with James
-Clean up after dinner with James
-Do project with James

So that's it! The project thing is like a list of other things I need to do--some of them are things that should be repeated regularly (vacuum different rooms, clean bathrooms, etc), and some are one-time things (paint heater in rental house, etc). Honestly "projects" can be anything--I have a separate list of all the projects and I try to get at least two done every day, but ideally I can get a lot more than two done, depending on what they are.

But this has been working really well for me!! In the last week I have pretty much kept my kitchen and living room pretty clean, and it gets cleaner all the time (since one project was cleaning off the top of the fridge, and another one was vacuuming it), I have consistently done a load of laundry every day, I've cleaned up after dinner (which normally we never do, we were always really bad about falling into a coma after dinner time), taken a walk every day for the past week . . . I've cleaned my downstairs bathroom, cleaned my laundry room (not completely, but it is way better) . . . and I think it has helped James to stay more motivated because after our walk we come home and clean up from dinner and then do more housework, instead of just going straight from eating dinner to watching TV to bed.

So I'm feeling really good about this and hoping I can keep it up, because as I had mentioned before, our upstairs is still super disorganized and crazy, and I really want to have it organized before the baby comes. But it definitely helps when our main living space is cleaner and more organized--it definitely leaves more room for the more difficult "projects", ;-)


A said...

Yay! I'm so happy that you're on top of your life too! To-Do lists are definitely the way to go to be productive :) And walking after dinner is so great! I love going for long walks to clear my mind.

justadrienne said...

Thanks! Yeah it's been good! I just have to stick to it, hehe.

laurengould said...

Gooiddddd! I was sort of feeling bad that your life seemed so disorganized and I was like hm I need to go help that one get organized!!! But it sounds like you guys have a good routine going. I think the best thing about having a routine is that it becomes habit and you don't even have to think about doing it after a while. Also, babies and children love routine, soooo...awes!

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