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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Weird Pregnancy Dream

So I finally had a weird pregnancy dream last night. I dreamt that I was at my parents house and we were just hanging out, and suddenly I REALLY felt the baby move! And I looked down and I could see it moving all around in my stomach and kicking and rolling like crazy. Eventually, it was rolling so close to the skin that I felt like I could see it really clearly--little bony butt and head. Somehow it rolled out of my body, right through the skin of my stomach--LOL. This sounds gross and something that I should have panicked about, but in the dream it was super normal and I was just holding my tiny tiny 5 inch translucent skinned baby. My sister was there and she asked if we could see if it was a boy or a girl. So I held it up and we could definitely tell! (But I'm not saying what it was because I don't want to sway the poll I am taking!)

Anyway, at some point I realized that I could still feel a baby inside me, and that it was actually twins--the second baby came out of my belly too but I could see that it was underdeveloped compared to the first baby. I guess I think that this baby represents our next child (I don't really think I am pregnant with twins). Anyway, at this point I started to get a little worried about the babies chilling in the open air, so I put them back in my stomach--picture rubbing lotion into your skin--that's how I put them back, I just rubbed them into my belly. So then they were back in there safe and sound.

I was worried after this, and ran to the bathroom to see if I was bleeding but everything was fine.

So, super weird right!? It was cool though, to see and hold my tiny tiny little baby.


Anonymous said...

I had a thousand weird dreams like this so far, especially lately. The funny thing is that even though instinctively I've always thought this baby was a boy (and he DEFINITELY is a boy, I've seen proof), I always dreamed about him as both: sometimes a boy, sometimes a girl.

The worst dreams I have are the miscarriage dreams, where you find yourself bleeding heavily in the bathtub! Yuck! Scary stuff.

But the weird dreams are just plain weird and fun. Two nights ago I felt the baby kicking in my dream and looked down and saw his foot sticking through my skin, kind of like your dream. So I played a game where every time he kicked I'd grab his little foot through my stomach and tickle him.

Also, my boobs leak in every dream I have. Maybe I'm subconsciously afraid of boob leakage? So strange. :)

- Lauren

laurengould said...

Weird because Kate had a really vivid pregnancy dream last night too, you should ask her about it.

Amy said...

I had only 3 pregnancy dreams and I dreamed Jensen was a girl in 2 of them and a boy in one. Even though I KNEW he would be a boy and just felt it. I was right, but my dreams were very mistaken lol.

Liz said...

What a neat dream! I really wish I would have a "pregnancy" dream about Dot. The closest I've had so far is one in which my (spayed) cat started having kittens. By the time I woke up, we were up to 21.

Babies would be much more fun to dream about!

justadrienne said...

Lauren and Amy--I have dreamt about him/her as both a boy and a girl, but this is the most vivid one yet!

Liz--I have had more dreams about breastfeeding kittens than I've had about babies. So weird.

Jessica said...

You just wait, I have had SO SO SO Many weird dreams since I was pregnant....I forsure thought I was having a boy because I kept having dreams that peanut was a boy :)

But some of them are sort of fun because they are so strange.

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