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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


So over the weekend, and since Kate has been here, I've been trying to stay productive and work on (really) cleaning the house.

So we've cleaned the kitchen (a couple times), but we also planted the garden on Saturday, and James and I SERIOUSLY cleaned our room on Sunday. This included moving EVERYTHING out of it, and changing the bed to a different spot--getting rid of one dresser so we can fit the new dresser for the baby in our room, etc. Part of this was also picking up and sorting ALL the laundry (basically in the whole house) and getting a good start on washing some of it.

Today, I continued the cleaning by going through all the clothes in our room and sorting into: Winter stuff (and stuff that is too small for me) in storage, and stuff that fits is in season on the shelf--I took out a few things for Salvation Army/Fabric Pile.

And THEN I took out all the baby's stuff (I have been hoarding little items for years) and put it in the dresser. Now that I have it all in there, I realize I hadn't gotten as many things as I thought, LOL! which is good because I know a lot of people will get presents for it in terms of clothes.

One thing I still do want to get is a nice supply of newborn T-shirts and receiving blankets--I figure that will be the main clothing stuff we need for the first month or two (along with cloth diapers).

I also discovered a hoarde of "maternity" clothes I had been setting aside for a couple years--things that were too big for me, either that were my own old things or things other family had given me. So now I have plenty of pants and shirts (At least for another month or so)--a couple of skirts, some dresses--I'm going to try to get by without buying anything else but in the fall I might need to get some "real" maternity pants/skirts for when my belly is really big.

Anyway, now all there is left to do on the clothes is pull out the box of summer stuff, go through it in the same way, sorting things that fit and are in season from things that don't or are wintery--then I can put ALL the winter/ too small stuff away and be done.

Our room isn't completely arranged still--we have to rehang all our art and bring all our little things back into the room, but it is getting there, and it was nice to start completely fresh, and start setting things up for the baby. :-)

Goals for the next couple days:

-Finish stuff above
-Wash more laundry and also go through it
-Start arranging library/guest room (sort books)


mpence said...

Wow! You have been so ambitious! You are welcome to come to my house :)

Enjoy your freshly cleaned house!

justadrienne said...

Haha, I KNOW you get way more than that done every day! So your approval means lot to me, LOL!

A said...

Oh my goodness! The baby's dresser!! That's so exciting! And yeah, you will be overwhelmed with baby clothes once you have your shower :) I can't wait for your little peanut!

Oh, good work cleaning and being productive! I need some of that mojo myself.

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