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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Four Months Old!

James is four months old today!

A lot of new things happened this month!

First, James started to get really good at using his hands! Now he has a lot more control and LOVES to bring things to his mouth and chew on them.

Therefore he is really starting to enjoy his little "Lester", and his long gangly, arms, legs, and tail are perfect for grabbing!

In general, he is getting much better control over his hands, feet, and whole body. He now seems to really know that all the parts belong to him, and he is fascinated. He now spends some time daily staring at his feet.

We got James this new toy this month, and he loves it, especially in combination with his bird whose tail is perfect for chewing on!

James is starting to get much more attached to me and his Daddy! Especially to me, I guess, which makes sense because I feed him and take care of him most of the time. When other people hold him now, he looks over at us bewilderingly.

On the heels of this new attachment are the beginning of "hugs" and snuggles from my adorable little man. Which I am totally loving.

Just yesterday, he rolled over for the first time! And he not only did it once, he did it three times (maybe even four)! I was so proud of him!

He is starting to get a real sense of humor and sometimes laughs at unexpected things, like some movement or gesture of me and his Dad--it is so cute to see him smile when he sees us and suddenly laugh and really enjoy our company.

James and I are just loving him so much and so thrilled to be his parents. Happy four month birthday, my darling son!


Amy said...

Happy 4 month birthday!!!

Grace said...

Yay for rolling over! Which way did he go?

A said...

This was such a sweet post! Love!

Anonymous said...

AHHHHH This post made me miss the little guy so much! I can't believe he won't even know who I am when I get home, :( But we will DEF have to change that! Soon he'll be like, "Oh, this is the one that NEVER LETS GO OF ME" hehehe

justadrienne said...

Grace--Tummy to back. The doctor said that babies who hate tummy time generally take longer to start rolling since tummy to back is much easier.

Kate--Aww, missing on heeer. Wish you would get a car when you get home so that you could come visit more often! But I will also pick her up. Yes I will. Squeezing heeer.

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