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Friday, March 18, 2011

Photo Friday: James and our new Couch!

We got our long-awaited new sectional couch on Tuesday! We LOVE IT! Our old couch USED to be squishy and comfy but it got squished out and the cushions would slide off really annoyingly . . . our living room looks so uniform and clean now!
Can you find James? LOL!

Here's James sitting on the couch playing with his Lester Doll!

And here he is on the couch in his bumbo (still with Lester, hehe):

Here you can see where I wrapped up his head! Poor baby. Adorable still though!

Looking adorable in his rainbow legs!


mariclare said...

ooo, the couch looks great! and james is adorable of course!

Amy said...

It looks great! And you're right, his rash is looking WAY better!

laurengould said...

hehehe i am glad he loves lester as much as i do heheheh

clare on earth said...

congrats on the long awaited couch. you guys have been thinking about that for years. james looks awesome and you can see how active he is in the photos.. cutie pie.

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