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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rash is Back, Dang it

After disappearing completely last week, I began to eat something that made him break out. It was actually several things. First, I thought he wasn't really allergic to citrus and started eating it again, but AAT confirmed this week that he is. So that is probably part of it.

Also, AAT confirmed last week that he is allergic to sorghum (grain), well I neglected to realize that it's in this gluten free flour mix that I use all the time, duh, so it was that too.

I also became suspicious of coconut but AAT showed no allergy to it, but I'm going to avoid it for now until the rash is gone again.

Lots of people have been asking me what I'm eating. I have to admit it is tough.

Here's his current allergen situation summed up:

Allergic--Confirmed by Diet and AAT (Advanced Allergy Therapeutics treatment):
Wheat, Soy, Tomatoes, Chocolate, Peanuts, Cashews, Almonds, Pistachos, Citrus, Sorghum

Suspected by Diet but not showing up as sensitive when tested by AAT: Corn, Coconut

AAT Confirms sensitivity but he's not so allergic that it makes him break out: Yeast, Caffeine

I am trying to completely avoid the first two categories with various levels of success. Corn is extremely difficult to completely avoid in all forms all of the time.

I definitely plan to start reintroduced corn and coconut soon, since supposedly he's not allergic . . . but I want him to be completely rash-free first.

But yeah it's getting harder as my diet continues to be trimmed--especially of grains. I think I'll go shopping and get some rye bread and crackers soon--he's supposedly not allergic to that--I just cut it out because it had gluten, but at this point that doesn't matter, I just need more variety in my food.

When I'm at home, I am okay--I just eat lots of rice and beans and lentils and oatmeal and fruit and veggies, which honestly is a healthy diet. But NEVER being able to have sweet things, bready things, etc is very hard. It's like I'm nutritionally okay but I miss the pleasure of eating a variety of foods. :(

Going out or eating anywhere besides my own house is pretty much guaranteed to make him break out the next day, which is difficult.

But I've been getting creative with making it work--I have a whole bunch of things I've been making and meaning to post about lately. All the cooking is fun and delicious but it's a lot of work. So recipe posts to come!


Alyssa said...

Wow, that's a lot of allergies! I don't have much experience with that - are they things he'll "grow out of"?

Anonymous said...

WHOA, I don't even understand how he is allergic to so many different things!!! Like, how does that happen?? Hopefully he grows out of some/most of those otherwise he is going to have quite a hard time. Love that little guy.

justadrienne said...

Ohhhhh yes, he should outgrow almost all of these! Hopefully within a few months!! But as of right now yes he is allergic to a ton of stuff.

Amy said...

Oh good I am glad he will out grow things!! I was like darn this kid is not going to have any fun never being able to eat things that contain those items, especially when all the other kids are eating halloween candy at school and throwing sugar laden birthday parties lol.

Marilyn said...

i know it seems crazy to me that someone could be that allergic to such a variety of different foods! but yeah, good thing he will outgrow many of them. phew.

clare on earth said...

how long to these allergens stay in your system/breast milk? can you have a very occasional night out (like ION?) and bottle feed or does it linger? Sorry to hear that A, but what a dedicated momma. love...

justadrienne said...

Clare--Nope, it's definitely too lingering (and he eats too much/too often) for me to occasionally cheat. :-/

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