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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Yep, I'm serious. I'm pretty certain that my 3.5 month old baby is teething.

He has been COMPULSIVELY chewing on his hands, and soaking a bib in 15 mins with drool, for at least a month. I know that these sort of signs can show up at this age, and then months and months can go by before any REAL teething starts, so I didn't think much of this, even though I COULD see the two bottom teeth below his gums.

But then in the last few days . . . firstly he's been acting funny while nursing--lots of pulling off and then latching back on. Then Monday night he would NOT fall asleep and just seemed really uncomfortable and wouldn't settle. Trying to get him down for a last nap turned into trying to get him down for the night, and he FINALLY fell asleep after being awake for like FOUR HOURS (usually he only is awake for an hour and half tops).

Tuesday, we went out to lunch with my Mother-in-law, and she was touching his gums and he started CRYING VERY inconsolably, which is totally unlike him!

And then Tuesday night, he was again seeming very uncomfortable and wouldn't go down for a last nap. Finally I told James to give him Tylenol because at this point, I was suspecting the teething . . . within 10 mins he was fast asleep, and then when he woke up he was HAPPY AS A CLAM, nursed normally, and then fell asleep for the night with no problem.

And then today I was checking out his gums and the bottom teeth are now not only visible under the gums but they are little raised bumps! Soooo, I guess he's teething! I just hope these first two pop out quick so I can get my interminably happy baby back!


Kassidy said...

Sloane was the EXACT same way and we still have no teeth. I think the reason her gums hurt so bad was that it was the teeth shooting in to her gums from her jaw....at least that's the only explanation I have come up with. She was right at about the same age as James when it started. Now here we are 7 months old and still nothing. She still just chews on everything and has really sensitive mouth days but alas no teeth. I just wish they would hurry and come thru instead of all this drama :)

Amy said...

Hope he gives you an easier time teething! All natural teething tablets work really well too!

justadrienne said...

OMG Kass, I HOPE this doesn't go on for months! I wouldn't mind if he felt better and was just chewing and drooling, but I can't deal with the fussiness and obvious discomfort!

Amy--I'm going to look for those tablets, thanks for the rec!

EricaG said...

It's not too early! My first baby got his first tooth 5 days after he turned 4 months. You're not so far away!

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