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Saturday, March 19, 2011


So most of you have probably noticed that I have been adding some permanent pages to the blog over the last couple weeks (just under the title bar). I am still working on most of them, but if you haven't checked them out yet, you should!

Here are my pages:

-James David: See his stats, important posts about him, and links to videos and pictures! You can also leave a question or a comment!
-Track James' Friends-In-the-Making!: This is mostly for me to keep track of my friends/families pregnancies, but you can watch them progress, too, hehe.
-Adrienne's Guide to Healthy Eating: My tips on eating healthy (including vegan, gluten-free, elimination diets, etc) and links to helpful posts.
-Breastfeeding Advice: My tips on how to get the breastfeeding relationship started on the right foot, links to posts about my breastfeeding experience so far with James, and other helpful posts.
-Like my Blog?: If you enjoy the blog, here's what you can do to support it!

I just added a comments option to the pages. Please leave comments, questions, suggestions, and/or helpful info that I could include on the page as I update.

Thanks for your support!


Alicia said...

love the changes you're making but just wanted to let you know of something - i noticed that you have a "click my ads" thing on your help page, i had a friend that had something like that on her page (asking people to click) and apparently its against google's terms of use for ads or something and google canceled her account and she didn't get her money. i don't know if you're using google but just wanted you to know either way :)

justadrienne said...

Really? I know I'm not supposed to click on them myself but I didn't know this. Thanks for the heads up!!

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