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Sunday, May 30, 2010


So I have been cutting James' hair for awhile now--I like how I did on his most recent haircut:

(The picture (on the left?) is the face James made when I told him to stop looking awkward, LOL.)

And even though I feel pretty confident in cutting James' hair, I hadn't ever felt confident about doing my own. I do cut it sometimes, but I think of it as "getting by until I make myself a "real" hair appointment.

Well, I was thinking and decided that plenty of people cut their own hair, and even if mine doesn't look awesome for awhile, I still would rather just learn to cut it myself. So, I gave myself a haircut!

Refer to the (3+4 month) belly pictures on the previous post for a comparison shot, but here's me with my new do!

I only cut the bottom layer, but I might try to cut the top layer as well--we'll see. But I think it looks better than it did, and it gave me some practice, so I am pleased.


jrose35 said...

I love your haircut Adrienne! You look great it is so pretty!

justadrienne said...

Thanks Jennifer!

laurengould said...

yeah i have been cutting my own hair for over a yer now, seems to be working fine. might go for a "real" cut when i can afford to. hahah

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