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Thursday, September 30, 2010

3D Ultrasound!

We went yesterday to our 3D ultrasound where we got to check out our adorable little man and see what he looks like. From what I understand/have observed, he will probably look pretty much exactly the same at birth! Now I am super excited to meet him!!!

Anyway, here are some highlights:

Here's what I think of as his "normal womb look"--sleeping and resting peacefully against his Momma, hehe:

In this one he actually looks slightly like me, though generally he is an exact replica of James and his infant picture:

Last but not least, my favorite, his smiley picture . . . he looks like a little Buddha, I think, hehe!

We think he has James' nose, ears, and the set of his eyes. Possibly my chin . . . he has attached earlobes and HAIR! Hahah.

After this last exciting little adventure, I know the time is just going to DRAG until he actually comes . . . but no matter how chubby his cheeks are, I think he would benefit from a bit more womb time. ;-)


Marilyn said...

I love his chubby cheeks!!! tote cutie....

I bet his eye color will be like yours...and still betting on Nov 10th

ps - coming over to get the 2/3 hunger games books tomorrow (it's gonna be a great weekend!!!) they are so good!

Arwhyn said...

The smiley pic is just cute. Isn't it awesome how they're already proper little people, even at this stage? Not long now until you get to see him in person! :-)

Alyssa said...

So cute!! It's hard to believe he'll be here so soon!!

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