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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Inappropriately Probing Question from a Stranger

So my parents had a graduation party for my sister, who finished college in the spring, and my Dad, as usual, had managed to invite one of his extremely awkward and socially inept friends. That's not to say that all his friends are awkward and socially inept, but the ones that end up coming along to our family parties on an offhand broadly inclusive invite generally are.

So he says: "You're pregnant!"
"Yep," I confirm.
"I wanted to wait until I was sure to say something."
"That is usually a good idea."
Then he says, "Are you having an episiotomy?"

I look at him in shock for a minute before recovering myself.

"Uh, no."
"How about an epidural?"
"No, no . . . "
"Are you going to do natural childbirth?"
"Well, that's the plan!"

Then I get to hear all about his ex-wife's birth and her epidural.

But seriously? Who asks someone if they are going to have an EPISIOTOMY? An epidural, okay, I get it. But an episiotomy?

As the party progresses, this guy goes on to prove that he probably has Aspergers Syndrome or something else that prevents him from functioning normally in a social environment.

For the record, no one does episiotomies anymore unless they are absolutely necessary. Like the baby's head is right there but won't come out. Spread the word so no one ever asks me that again.


Ruth said...

LOL! That is awkward! Almost sounds like something my mom would do as she is behind the times ("Whatever you do, don't let them use forceps!")

Alyssa said...

Wow - that is quite the opening question!

Liz said...

Ummmm...wow. That may be the most awkward question ever.

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