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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Maternity Clothes Issues

So I've had two shopping sessions at Motherhood Maternity. The first was this time, and the second was this time.

In the first session, I bought two pairs of shorts--one size small and one size medium, a size small pair of jeans, and a variety of summery tops.

In the second session, I bought a pair of medium cords, a long-sleeved shirt, some soft stretchy white shorts and a few other cute tops.

Well, I'm realizing now what I suspected during our second trip--I'm just totally done with the small size pants. I wore the small jeans yesterday (and I had a relatively busy day--I volunteered at the coop, got my back adjusted, and went to our third Bradley class), and I was SO uncomfortable. I got home, whipped those pants off and immediately felt better.

There is definitely an additional shirt issue. I had been wearing a lot of my bigger and stretchier non-maternity T-shirts and tops, but now many of them are way too tight, or I am worried that I am stretching them out permanently, or they fit okay but are WAY too short to cover the stretchy maternity pants belly-panel, which means I need to wear a long tank top under them anyway.

So the final verdict here is that I think I might need to go shopping for maternity clothes yet again. I guess I want a medium pair of jeans, another pair of stretchy PJ pants, and a few more long-sleeved shirts . . . otherwise it will be a long two months here at the end trying to stuff myself into my current wardrobe.

At least the next time I am pregnant, I will have a nice stockpile in summer and winter styles. :-/


Alyssa said...

I hear ya! I'm definitely in the same boat and bought a few new maternity shirts and a pair of yoga pants yesterday. Hopefully it's enough to get me through the rest of the pregnancy.

Marilyn said...

I wanna go with you! Let's plan a trip soon!!! Maybe when we get back from Montauk?

justadrienne said...

Okay B!

Lauren said...

Dude! Salvation Army! I can't believe you're spending full price. You're the queen of thrift :)

Ella said...

Have you checked out a thrift store? I found SO many great mat clothes there that were barely used!

justadrienne said...

Hmmm--I've never seen any maternity clothes in our Salvation Army, but maybe it's worth taking a look.

We live in a college town so like 75% of the population is 17-24 and not having kids, that might be part of it . . .

Anyway, pretty much all the clothes I have gotten at Motherhood have been on sale/clearance so it doesn't end up being too bad. It would definitely be nice to find some things in thrift stores, though!

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