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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Transverse/Breech Son

As I just mentioned, James David is not head down, and to my knowledge, has never in his short pre-natal life tried out this position even once. From the earliest kicking around 17 weeks, he has been laying sideways with his head to my right and his legs and feet to my left. He stayed in this position quite comfortably until a few months ago, when he started to alternate between laying sideways and "sitting up", with his butt down, head up, and legs and arms to the left. Now, he is getting even more crowded so that his legs are often up in what my midwife referred to as the "froggy position", so that I might feel kicks all over but its because his legs are sticking straight up in the air past his ears, not because he has actually flipped.

My midwife gets slightly more concerned at each appointment, but I'm not worried, and there are several reasons why.

1. We have our 3D u/s appointment tomorrow, and I wanted him to stay head up until after the appointment, because I think it will be easier to see his face.
2. There are a million tricks to get babies to flip over. Here's a whole website devoted to this topic. One trick that I intend to try (this worked for my friend Clare's aunt), is to sit in a warm/hot bath with a bag of frozen veggies on the baby's head and the top of your stomach. Since the baby will instinctively protect its brain from getting too cold, he will eventually flip to get his head in the warm water (down).
3. If these tricks don't work, my friend Craig, who is an acupuncturist, has had great success in using acupuncture to flip the baby. He said we wouldn't do this until 37 weeks though, since:
4. 90% will flip on their own before birth.
5. My final reason for being unconcerned is a bit harder to describe. Basically, I think James will flip over because he is a good baby. He kicks me (or his Dad) when we worry about him . . . I just feel like he is generally responsive to our wishes. Maybe the only reason he HASN'T flipped yet is because I haven't wanted him to until after the ultrasound.

So, these are reasons why I am not worried about him being breech at 33 weeks. He still has plenty of time to flip over on his own before I start encouraging him with peas on his head and various other tricks.

But I will keep everyone posted on his position. ;-)

P.S. Is it funny that I am so in tune with his exact position? Maybe it is because I am thin, but from the time that the kicks would indicate clearly until a few months ago when I started getting head and butt bulges (and sliding around movements of limbs), I have been very very aware of exactly where he is. My midwife also feels and tells me at every appointment, but I am never surprised, it is always exactly what I think it is. Keep in mind, too, though, that he hasn't changed position much EVER, so it's not rocket science like a baby who is constantly flipping around. But I know not all doctors tell you where the baby is, and if you have a bit more padding around the middle it might be harder to tell, I would think. But yeah, I always know where he is. Which is very fun, because I used to always when he was smaller and I only had a general idea of where his feet were. Now I can picture him curled up in there, which is so fun. I just love him, I can't wait for him to be on the outside, LOL!


mpence said...

Look into the website spinningbabies.com they have lots of ideas on how to get babies to flip in their own time...

justadrienne said...

Yep, I linked to that in my post! Hehe.

Marilyn said...

I know I want him on the outside already!!!

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