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Friday, September 3, 2010

Midwife Appt

And, in other news, I had my 29 week appointment with my midwife (and her apprentice, who I was meeting for the first time) yesterday.

This was a big appointment for me because they did the glucose tolerance test with me. I had been worried about Gestational Diabetes because some days I have serious sugar cravings and it seems like all I eat is junk. :-/

So for the test I was instructed to eat a nice, well-rounded, sugary meal two hours before my appointment, and I had pancakes with lots of syrup, tofu scramble, and potato hash browns with two big glasses of juice. So then when they got here, they took blood by a finger prick and absorbed it into this little machine, and ten seconds later we had our results! (So cool!)

And . . . I passed with flying colors! My glucose was 99, which they said was perfect--it should have been between 80-120, so I was right smack in the middle.

The rest of the appointment was great too--everything is great with me--I haven't gained any weight in like three weeks, which is awesome because between weeks 15-25 I think I gained over 15 pounds and I was really worried if it was going to keep up that way.

So I'm up to 152, which is 21 pounds gained, which sounds just great to me. James was measuring 30 weeks (at 29.5 weeks), so he is also perfect. My midwife was able to find his head--he is still head up but he has plenty of time to turn still so we aren't worried. After she found his head, he immediately squirmed away and was kicking up a storm--it was funny to see him being so responsive to her manipulation.

And last but not least we got to hear his heartbeat pounding away--it was about 160 while he was moving and kicking and then it quickly slowed down to 140 once he settled back down.

And now we start meeting every two weeks! So crazy.

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Lauren said...

Wow, how exciting! Sounds like things are going great! Congrats on the no GD.

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