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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Third Bradley Class

So on Monday we went to our third Bradley Class. I was going to post about this yesterday but I couldn't for the life of me remember what the overall theme of this class was. That's because it was "Pregnancy". LOL!

We looked at some fetuses in different stages and learned about what was going on with them during that stage. I told James that I thought it was funny that James David was still considered a "fetus" because that implies (to me) something immature and unable to sustain its own life. When James David's head is poking out of one side of my belly and his butt is poking out on the other side and we play games of poking his feet so he kicks us, I'm not thinking "our fetus", I'm thinking there is a baby in there!

Anyway, we also talked about the different parts of the female and baby-related anatomy, labeled this diagram, etc.

As part of our progressive practice of relaxation, we wives got to give our husbands a neck/head/face massage. It's supposed to help them understand what we need from them during labor, how they are supposed to communicate with us, etc.

So that was that!

In related news, I've been feeling a bit down the last couple weeks because I miss teaching and/or taking classes (as a student). It's been hard seeing my old coworkers and friends go back to school (teaching) and seeing my sisters and cousins go back to school (learning).

But today I had a realization. I AM in a class--the Bradley Class. Every day I am supposed to record my diet and protein, I am supposed to practice relaxing, take walks, and do other kinds of exercise to prep for labor. I've been a real slacker with all this practicing and exercising, but why? What I most want is to be in a class--I AM in a class. I need to take it more seriously, because honestly there is nothing I need to learn more, right now, than how to successfully and easily birth a baby. So I decided today to take it more seriously and make more of an effort to think of all the exercises and things as assignments for a class--if I want to get a good grade, I have to spend time working on it every day.

So that's that.

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Kate said...

That's a really good way to think about your Bradley class! Also you should come visit me soon and get your fill of academia!

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