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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bad Blogger!

So I haven't written anything in like two days--though on Wednesday the computer was broken so I couldn't use it at all.

But honestly if I was blogging, it would sound like this:


Just to give you a tiny taste:

-I have been sleeping on ice packs. That's the only way to make my back stop hurting for long enough that I can fall asleep. To numb it.

-My midwife called me today to ask if we could push my appointment back to tomorrow, and I was SO glad because it meant I could put off cleaning my house (well, my coffee table at least) for an additional day. I might even try to get James to do it instead.

-Now I'm off to take a shower in which I will mostly sit in the tub and let hot water beat on my back in the hopes to make my sore muscles relax.

See? Doesn't it sound like a big whiiiiiine to you? Sorry folks that's all I got right now.

P.S. Dear Son, please finish cooking and come out of the oven.


laurengould said...

Aw my b! It sucks that your back is hurting so much, dayum!!!! I wish I was around to help you out with house stuff, I feel like I should be there instead of here. :( It is weird how things can happen all at the wrong time. Like, if only I had started this job right out of school, then by now I would have the leverage to take off for a couple weeks to be around for you guys.

On the upside, I have heard that Elisa, our scheduling person, is pretty accommodating. I am just nervous to talk to her about leaving for three or four days while you give birth and the aftermath. Also on the upside, I already have requested off Dec 22-25 at least. :)

Anyways, you are so strong and have been so content throughout your whole pregnancy, I am surprised you lasted this long from constant whining and pain! You are almost done my bitch, yayyayayay!

justadrienne said...

Aww thanks my B! It's okay that you are working and stuff, that is what you should be doing!

Anyway, you shouldn't need to take off that many days after he's born--we'll probably want some alone time with him in the days after he's born anyway.

You'll just need enough time off to come over when I'm in labor and to get back--so maybe two days at the most (GAWD I hope not any longer than that!).

Sorry I haven't called you back yet. Dis one is a lazy B.

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