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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

P.S. on Breastfeeding Products

I meant to say in my earlier post about breastfeeding that there is something else that has been saving me--I literally could not imagine how bad the nipple pain would be if it weren't for these: Lilypadz.

They are silicone pads that stick to your boobs. They not only keep them from leaking, but they also protect them and keep them from drying out. It is awesome because I can wear them at night without a shirt, and I can wear them under clothes without a bra. I literally cannot imagine any fabric rubbing against my nipples right now. I don't know how people live without these Lilypadz.

One last thing that has been awesome is this nipple butter. My friend Ella recommended it to me as an alternative to Lanolin, since Lanolin is sourced from sheep oils, and we're vegan. I'm sure Lanolin works great, too, but it was really nice to have a vegan alternative, and the nipple butter has been a lifesaver, too.


Devin said...

I went out and bought some LilyPadz after you recommended them to me ... and I've tried them twice so far but managed to have colostrum collect around my nipples even after making sure there were no possible air bubbles at all. I think they're a fail for me. Although it was nice both time to be able to not wear a bra for any time at all ... I just couldn't wear them for more than a few hours without having to worry about the collection of colostrum busting out.

Aletta said...

Have you tried Soothies (http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3956438&CAWELAID=534570667)? Similiar idea, but the gel material actually has a cooling effect.

justadrienne said...

Devin--That totally sucks--I think the pressure of the silicone somehow keeps mine from leaking, though there is sometimes like a drop of BM there when I take them off, it is never more than that.
Aletta--Someone (maybe Ella again?) also recommended those to me today! I think I might have to pick some up!

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