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Friday, November 5, 2010

Evacuation Strategies

So there are the old wives tales about getting the baby to come out. Like eat spicy food, have sex, and take long walks.

I'm not yet desperate enough to try any of these strategies.

However, at the recommendation of my acupuncturist (and midwife), I have been starting to try some other things over the last week.

First, I've been taking Evening Primrose Oil. This is supposed to soften the cervix, preparing it for birth. I was taking 500 mgs for a few days, and now I've been taking 1000 mgs for a few days, and today I'll probably bump it up to 1500 mgs. Craig (acupuncturist) says in the week before my due date I can take up to 5000 mgs! Since that is 10 pills a day, we'll see how I do, but I've been trying to increase the dosage steadily at this point.

Second, I've been drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. This is supposed to tone and condition the uterus (ie, induce contractions). I've been drinking it pretty much non-stop for the past 5 days or so--maybe like 6-10 cups a day. And I've been making it strong, too, letting the tea bags sit in our little tea crock pot for hours before I take them out.

Third, I've been bouncing on the exercise ball (or birth ball). This helps to open the pelvis and allow the baby to drop down farther. Yesterday I got a good 15 or 20 minute stretch in and I definitely felt like it was helping increase the pressure on my satch. (LOL)

And that's about where I'm at.

On Monday I'll be one day short of 39 weeks and I'll kick things up a little bit. I have an acupuncture appointment that day. Craig has had a lot of success helping ladies go into labor--if not right away after the acupuncture, at least within a day or two of their due dates.

If I am still pregnant the next Monday (the day before my due date), I have an additional appointment with him then as well.

Unfortunately, none of these things REALLY work until the baby is ready to come out on his own. :-/ Honestly I don't feel like anything is going to happen in the next few days. I have slightly more hope for next week after the acupuncture appointment.

Despite my complaining it really is okay that he is still in there. I don't know if I shared this article on here, but I saw a really good article a few weeks ago about how even full-term babies that are early (37 or 38 weeks) have more issues with breathing, feeding, etc than babies born after 39 weeks. The bottom line is that babies really are supposed to cook for just about 40 weeks (give or take a week).

So despite all my complaining, aches, and pains, I'm actually glad that he is still in there. But I'll be 39 weeks on Tuesday. (Hint hint baby).

P.S. I just realized I covered a lot of these things in slightly less detail in my D.O.N.E. post like two days ago. Clearly more evidence that my brain is going and James needs to be born soon!

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