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Saturday, November 6, 2010

I have the look!! (Post 150!)

Well firstly, this is my 150th post! I meant to somehow recognize my 100th and totally missed it, so here we go, post 150! Woohoo!

Also, I finally had my midwife appointment today--we had to reschedule several times but it ended up working out great because James could be here today . . . and . . .

She says that I have "the look"!! The look of someone who will be going into labor sometime soon! I don't think soon like tomorrow--more like in 3-12 days, I think ;-)

Anyway, thank God!

In other news, James and I are off today to go do last-minute pre-birth stuff.

1. Get a deep freezer.
2. Get a fishnet (for skimming out the water if I give birth in the water).
3. Cleaning!
4. Raking

We actually already raked a little. Woot woot, we rock.


Ella said...

Glad you have "the look"! Once again, I will say it: you are so organized (well, at least you SOUND organized, lol!)!

We're doing a lot of raking here today, too :)

Marilyn said...

you better rake before that baby is born...OR ELSE

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