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Sunday, November 7, 2010

OMG Thank You Notes!!

I did it, people! I wrote my thank-you notes for my shower!

I must confess that this is the first time in my adult life that I have completed thank-you notes. I did some for my wedding but it was like over a year late and a bunch of people had moved and (excuses excuses)... long story short, some people got them but plenty of people didn't.

So I'm serious about how proud I am of myself! The sad part is, that I actually think Thank-You notes are really important--an exercise in gratitude, which has so many benefits . . . I totally intend to make Little James write them when he is able to write. And yet, I can never manage to do them. It is some ADD thing, I think.

To their credit, my Mom/sisters TOTALLY helped me out by doing a "game" at the shower where everyone wrote down their own name/address on the envelope (before I even got there), and then I picked an envelope out of a bucket and that person got a gift basket, LOL! So I didn't even have to do the envelopes (and STILL it has taken me weeks and weeks!!)!

But maybe this will be a new start for me and thank-you notes! Maybe I will successfully complete them from now on! Maybe I have broken through the psychological barriers that held me down! Maybe . . . not, LOL! But I think the next time I have to do thank-you notes, I will be able to think back on the happiness I now feel, and know that in my past, there was a moment when I successfully wrote thank-you notes . . . and that will give me the confidence I need to do them again!

I was thinking I would even send out Christmas cards this year, since we'll have a cute face to put on one of those picture Christmas cards, hehe.

Who knows, people, this could be a new life for me.

And with this done, I think it is REALLY time now for James David to show up! Don't you think?


Lauren said...

I tried to do my thank you notes. I got through about seven and then I broke my shoulder. Forget that. So I went to shutterfly and put Dylan's picture on a card that said thank you etc etc and mailed them (yes it took me that long that he was already here when I finished my shower thank yous). I'm doing that for everything now, birthday invites, thank you's, holidays... It's so much easier and people like to hang them on their fridge.

justadrienne said...

That's a great idea!! I'll keep it in mind!

laurengould said...

Yeah, everyone at the shower was like, what a GREAT idea! I think its great for a surprise shower especially, because there is that weird 30 min/ hour long wait until the mom-to-be gets there, and it is sort of a little activity to oppupy the anxious guests. I'm glad you did them!!! :)

A said...

I just got my thank you card from the shower! yay!!

justadrienne said...


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