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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Milk Boobs

I can't describe the transformation of my boobs--particularly the left one. I started one pre-pregnancy as a B cup, then got to a C while pregnant, now I think they are double D's and look like fake boobs, they are so round and hard and taut.

And they are HOT. Before he eats, and they are full of milk, they are so hard and hot, it is just crazy.

And my nipples. God they are sore as hell. Particularly the left one (evil left boob)! I know I have him latched pretty good but they are still killer, especially during the initial clamp-down. And when he is done eating, my nipples are crazy--easily twice as big as they were when he began.

Besides this metaphorasis, and the pain factor of the left boob and letdown, breastfeeding is going really really well. I feel so lucky that I had a baby who would latch, my milk came in well, and him and I were able to get it figured out relatively quickly. I know lots of people aren't so lucky.

I also will attribute our success to having learned so much about breast feeding in the past three years though. My favorite book was Breastfeeding Made Simple, and the best best website is Kellymom. During the first day or two, when I was having trouble latching him, it is because of things I learned from THAT book that I was able to figure it out. And because of Kellymom, I know that things like cluster feeding and other breastfeeding behaviors are totally normal.

I'm so happy that breastfeeding is working for us, and I get to see something beautiful like this every day:

Birth Story in the works!


Ash said...

Great Pic!I'm so happy that breastfeeding is going well for you two. I was also one of the lucky ones who had a pretty easy time of breastfeeding and I am very appreciative of it. I just hope it goes as well with the next baby!Of course now my once boob addicted baby practically has to be forced to nurse but that is part of the fun of parenting. Watching them change and grow and become their own people :D

I think it takes about 6 weeks for your body to figure out how much milk it needs to make to have a steady supply and then your breasts will go back down in size a bit. So don't worry they won't look or feel like that forever, although I remember DH loving that stage :P

I love the fact that you are a mom now!!!!

Alyssa said...

Your boobs will figure out how much milk to produce soon so that they won't get so hard and hot all the time. That engorged feeling only lasted about a week for me. Glad it's working out for you guys!

Ella said...

Beautiful pic! SO GLAD BFing is going so well for you and James, Adrienne. Like Ash, I am also lucky and have had a pretty easy time BFing (but the nips were still SUPER SORE at first, oh lord...!) and am soooo grateful. Isn't it just the most amazing thing? At 1 year old, it seems like Eliza is more into nursing than ever, which I love!! Anyway, this was supposed to be about you -- yeah, the girls will definitely go back down to size after 4-6 weeks. And I'm sure you've seen these, but they were my favorite thing for soothing sore nips (and put them in the fridge!) : http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3956438&CAWELAID=534570667

justadrienne said...

Ooo Ella those things look awesome!

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