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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Calcified Grapefruit

So I've had this grapefruit sitting in my cold dry house for probably like two months. The skin got tighter and harder and the grapefruit shrank and shrank.

I looked at it the other day and decided to take the plunge. I would cut it open to see if it was edible and otherwise into the compost it would go.

It was so hard I had to saw it open with a bread knife and lots of force. But when it fell open, it looked good inside--pink and succulent. The skin had shrunken to a thin hard capsule, but the inside was perfect.

So I ate it.

And you know? It was the sweetest grapefruit I have ever had. Now I'm going to always buy grapefruit two months in advance.


jessum b said...

Our dads would be proud.

Amy said...


laurengould said...


mariclare said...

so where are you? surely something has happened in your life since calcified grapefruit?

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