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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Laundry Composition

One load of warm (colors) laundry contained:

6 sleepers for baby
13 onsies/outfits for baby
6 bibs for baby
4 shirts for baby
3 sweatshirts for baby
6 pairs of pants for baby
3 pairs of socks for baby


ONE pair of sweatpants for Mommy
THREE shirts for Mommy (2 tanks, 1 T)
FOUR pairs of underwear for Mommy

TWO pairs of underwear for Daddy
TWO pairs of socks for Daddy


2 boppy covers

. . .

Gee, who's the important one at our house?


laurengould said...

Lol, not more important just (surprisingly?) messier!

Amy said...

I washed our laundry separately until Jensen was a year old. Dreft doesn't clean adult clothes as well, but Jensen's skin was too sensitive for us to use anything else. We now use Purex, and so far he's had no adverse reaction to it.

justadrienne said...

Amy--We started out using Dreft but I think it actually bothered his skin more than our normal detergent (All free and clear). So now I just wash them all together.

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