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Friday, February 25, 2011

Say what Doc?

Supposedly gluten doesn't pass into milk (cows eat wheat but cow's milk is gluten free). However, I know what I've seen, and I'm a very observant and intelligent person . . . and James' rash (and spitting up) has DEFINITELY been improving since I stopped eating gluten. I'm going to completely avoid it for another week, and then try eating barley (which is wheat free but contains gluten) . . . sigh.

Sorry I've posted so much about this . . . this is my first time of wishing that my doc would trust my mommy instinct a little more . . . :-/


Alyssa said...

To play devil's advocate: Maybe it's not gluten specifically, but another food allergy that you have cut out? Or maybe his rash and spitting up is just getting better because he's getting older (I found Evan's spitting up got MUCH better at about 3 months, as did the rashes on his face).

But, you know what? Whatever works! If changing your diet has helped James, then forget what the doctor thinks is happening and go with your gut! From our experiences in the hospitals with Evan, doctors don't know EVERYTHING (even though they think they do!).

Amy said...

It might be something else in the foods you were eating. On an unrelated note I just discovered Progresso soups are gluten free! This is excites me because I like them a lot, so yay!

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