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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Feel like a Fatass

I know I'm not really. But I was quite thin before I got pregnant and now I just feel like I have all this extra padding everywhere. None of my pants fit except for a few bigger pairs that I had gotten from my sisters and saved for just this occasion.

Before I got pregnant, I was 131 pounds and a size 6.

By the end of the pregnancy, I was 171 pounds and maternity size medium.

On the day James was born (after the birth), I was 156 pounds.

One week post-partum I was 151 pounds, and snug in a size 13.

One month postpartum I was 155 pounds.

Two months postpartum (most recent weighing) . . . 159 pounds, but size 13 is now a bit big on me, and I'm snug in size 11.

So while my waist/hips appear to be shrinking, I am three pounds heavier than the day he was born, and 8 pounds heavier than one week PP. I don't get it! :-(

I can grab a big roll on my tummy and jiggle it. I look significantly "more pregnant" than I did in the first trimester. 160 pounds, at 5'8", is NOT an unhealthy weight--but I don't feel good about myself. This is the heaviest I have ever been, save the last month of pregnancy.

Everyone (well most people) said that the weight would just fall off after he was born but it just hasn't happened. James thinks if I stopped eating gluten again I would lose more (ahem, anything) and that is probably true, but I'm just not ready to do it.

Furthermore, I'm not even eating THAT much gluten. I realize that it really doesn't make me feel good when I eat bagels, fake meats (almost pure gluten), or other high-gluten foods. I have been eating whole grain breads and crackers (oh yea, and cookies) . . . maybe James is right.

I think part of it is the winter, too. I'm obviously much more active in the summer. Honestly I don't even need to lose it all. 140-145 is a pretty good weight for me. Hopefully I can get to at least 145 by May--though some kind of plan for making that happen seems to be necessary. I'll have to work on that. :-/


Marilyn said...

just try to work on exercising more! I guess it's hard with this ridiculous weather....if you ever want to go for a walk or hike or anything, let me know you stinky b!

mariclare said...

yeah, exercising will help. and you were way more strict with your diet before you got pregnant, so cutting out gluten will help too. i know winter isn't really conducive to exercising, but maybe join the gym? or wait till it's not snowing, and go for walks. just getting up and moving your body around will be a huge help to losing weight. or if anything, it'll definitely just make you feel better in general.

Katelynne said...

Hi! I followed your blog for awhile but haven't posted yet. I was a lurker from the DEC 10 board on IV.

Your body will always be different. Some of that tummy bulge may be loose skin that WILL get tighter but will never go away.
I really like the website theshapeofamother.com if you haven't checked that out.

A said...

winter is a slow/sluggish time for most people. Your body is beautiful and amazing because you birthed a cutie patootie and are now giving him nourishment. I know it's not what you want right now but I think you will get there soon :)

clare on earth said...

I think you look healthy, lovely and most of all, happy. tho i can understand that you feel weird, since you were such a teeny one. and i hate to say it, but when you quit eating gluten the change was so drastic i was shocked. maybe you should go get a pair of pants in your current size that you love for now? TJ's is great (and has baby clothes too)! <3

Kelly said...

Whenever I am freaking out about my post Aisling body, my mom tells me "It took nine months to put the weight on, and you should give yourself nine to twelve months to take it off". I find the less I stress out the more I am able eat healthy, exercise and loose weight. I've turned that statement into a mantra for when I'm feeling down, I hope it helps!

justadrienne said...

I just really want to lose (most of) it before I get pregnant again--I've heard you "own" any weight that's still on when you get pregnant again.

mpence said...

I do not think that it is true that you own any weight still left when you get pregnant again...I am now under my last 3 pre-pregnancy weights.

It really does take making eating healthier and workout part of your lifestyle.

I agree though, give yourself some time! Enjoy your baby.

See if you can join a mom and baby workout class if you want to get serious about losing! Or see if you can get a piece of workout equipment at home so you can workout while James is napping?

justadrienne said...

Michelle I don't have your commitment, I don't think your case is a typical one. But you are sure an inspiration to me!

Anonymous said...

Natalya: I just got a DVD with a prenatal/post-natal 30 min workout.
It's pretty nice, and satisfying. They say you can start exercising 6 weeks after delivery. You should just try to strengthen your muscles and not worry about the weight, but think about how good you feel. I also heard breast-feeding will do it (add pounds).

justadrienne said...

Natalya--I've heard from people who claim breastfeeding helped them lose weight, and others who said it made it harder to lose weight. It definitely burns calories but I think it also makes you hungrier!

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