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Friday, February 18, 2011

Gluten-Free Update

So after deciding to be, for lack of a better word, "gluten-reduced", I had a few days where I ate very little gluten. I was still eating cheerios (who has a minor ingredient of "wheat starch"), and occasionally, Ezekial bread (made with a variety of sprouted whole grains, one of which is wheat, others of which are barley and rye, which also contain gluten). However, I wasn't really eating any other very gluten-y things, and I was completely and strictly avoiding high-gluten foods like fake meat, bagels, and white squishy bread.

After several days of this, I thought I noticed a reduction in the rash on James' forehead. But it was hard to tell, and on a day where I cheated a bit more I didn't notice an increase. I began to wonder if it wasn't something else in my diet--maybe soy?

But on Sunday we went for a lovely and delicious dinner to my Grandmother's house. She made an awesome all-vegan meal for us. The salad was a half-avocado with celery, green onions and lemon-infused olive oil and balsamic vinagrette on a lettuce leaf (YUMMY!!), then we had chibatta (sp?) bread with lemon-infused olive oil, and for the main course, stirfried garlic green-beans, and tri-color rotini pasta with fresh basil, fresh tomato, garlic, fresh oregano, etc.

It was delicious but I was OBVIOUSLY taking a break from my gluten-reduced-ism.

But I woke up the next morning to James' forehead being angry, red, oozing, scabby and AWFUL. Furthermore, he seemed very drowsy (he took a 3-4 hour nap when he usually only sleeps for 1.5), and I found all these scratches on his forehead! I wonder if the rash is itchy, too?

So I think maybe it IS gluten causing his rash and apparently avoiding it has made a bigger difference than I thought. Furthermore, the drowsiness is a symptom of Celiac's Disease (sigh).

Anyway, I feel awful that my gluten binge affected him so, but I guess I will just try to be careful in the future and it actually helps to know that there is a point to doing it. I feel much more resolved now than I did before.


Marilyn said...

yeah, i meant to tell you, when I was babysitting he kept trying to like "itch" his face! and he was scratching it! I was like hey stop that and I put some of that cream on it... so i think it is "itchy" to him.


Amy said...

Poor little guy! Hope he gets to feeling better soon!

laurengould said...

I see he is taking after his Auntie Laur and rockin the eczema...poor guy!

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