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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Names

I have had our baby names picked out for like, 5 years. So they aren't really negotiable, and I never had any problem sharing them with people who asked (like people who knew we were trying or whatever). But now I'm starting to get worried! I've heard so many horror stories of people who shared their names and got a horrible unsupportive response to it.

For example: An online friend of mine has a GORGEOUS daughter named Charlotte. I LOVE this name! I think it is classic and beautiful. While she was pregnant with Charlotte, she shared the name with someone who responded: "Charlotte! That's a horrible name! Everyone will call her Charlotte the Harlot!"

I assured my friend, as someone that worked in a middle school, that NO one under the age of about 15 knows the meaning of the word harlot. I also guessed the person who responded to the name that way must have been at least 60. Because that's how long ago it was that kids (of name-calling age) DID know the meaning of the word harlot.

So now I'm a bit nervous to share our names, and won't do so now.

I will however say that: They are family names, they are non-negotiable, and we picked them and haven't budged for five years. So when I tell you what they are, no matter what your opinion, smile and say: That's lovely.

I will guarantee you that even if you hate the name now, my child will transform it into a name you love, and associate with the most precious parts of life.

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A said...

I know what they are and I think they are beautiful because they come from a place of love- your own families. :)

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