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Friday, April 30, 2010


Alright, this is not a topic I will probably blog about very often. Despite having a TON of time on my hands, my house is usually a mess. I DO have ADD and I'm obviously off my meds while growing the wee one, so it's difficult to accomplish much cleaning-wise during the day.

Honestly, I'm at my best when the house is already relatively clean. Then I feel motivated and I'm more likely to do "upkeep" and keep it clean. But keep in mind that James has ADD too and it only takes ONE episode of: making pasta sauce, shopping at BJ's, or generally James attempting to clean another room, to completely destroy our kitchen. Once the kitchen is in this other-worldly state, then it becomes super difficult for me to clean. I walk in there with the best intentions, look from one mini-task to another until my eyes are spinning in my head, and then get the hell out of that room and retreat to the safe, organized world of the internet.

However, there are times in my life when motivation wins out over fear, and that is when we are expecting guests. So I invited James' cousin Doug up to our house--the crazy archeology student spends more than half his life in Timbuktu (no, seriously), so when I saw that he was back in the country I itched to visit with him--he is really fun and we have a great time together whenever we see him. So he will be at our house on Saturday, and now the cleaning has moved into the realm of "must be accomplished today and tomorrow". Akk!

I should be grateful because this is when I can actually get things done, when I have a good deadline and reason to do so.

So the goal today: clean the kitchen and living room. (One saving grace of this whole messy house situation is that BOTH my bathrooms are clean. Hardly EVER happens, but yeah.)

I will have to update on my progress later.


A said...

Good thing I had to take a shower at your place last week huh? LOL!

justadrienne said...

Yeah seriously!

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