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Friday, April 30, 2010

Water (and Cleaning Update)

Alright, so tomorrow I think I might do a little experiment and see exactly how much water I am drinking every day. Because honestly, I feel like it could easily be two gallons. I almost wonder if that is abnormally TOO much, and I have gestational diabetes or something--but it's supposed to be too early for that and I am already eating really healthy and everything.

::Sigh:: I just feel like I am CONSTANTLY thirsty. Last night after James and I ate dinner I drank at least 4 pints of water. That was just in a few hours.

Of course this makes the constant peeing really fun. Sometimes I just feel like I should be a fountain--some water trickling into my mouth constantly while I sit on the toilet and let pee trickle out the other end.

In terms of cleaning: It was super hard to motivate myself, as you might tell by the fact that this is my fourth blog today. BUT I did FINALLY eventually straighten up my kitchen and load the dishwasher (and run it). It isn't perfect, but we'll be ahead for final cleaning tomorrow.

(James' comment on my water worries is that I am constantly being paranoid and worrying about something. Worried about cramping, worried about diabetes/eating sugar, worried about gluten, worried about everything. I think it's pretty normal for a pregnant lady to be constantly worried about the health of the fetus. It doesn't help that I have a tendency to anxiety anyway, but I'm not THAT crazy!)


Erin said...

Increased thirst is also a pregnancy symptom. I used to hate water, now I drink a couple bottles a day. So no worries :)

Liz said...

Through the 1st tri., I chugged water like there was no tomorrow. It's calmed back down to my normal amount now.

I wouldn't worry too much about being thirsty all the time. The constant peeing does get annoying, though.

justadrienne said...

Thanks ladies. :-)

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