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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Symptoms 2

I forgot a symptom, and you'll laugh when you hear what it is:

Pregnancy Brain--Basically, pregnancy turns everyone into people with ADHD. I recognize these symptoms for what they are, because I HAVE ADHD. Pregnancy brain makes you do things like start your car right before you leave, and then forget that you started it and decide to have an entire meal before you leave--while your car is running away out there (happened to me TODAY). Not only are you forgetful, you are distracted. Driving becomes the most difficult task in the world because you suddenly find yourself staring at the scenery only to swerve back into your own lane, or, just plain stop absorbing what is going on in front of you, so you don't realize that the person in front of you has stopped until you have to SLAM on your brakes to avoid hitting them. I could go on.

Luckily, Yaling saved me from the worst of the pregnancy brain by suggesting that I start taking a DHA supplement. See, there is a reason that you get pregnancy brain, just like there is a reason for most symptoms. While your body is building the baby's brain, it needs Omega oils and amino acids, and more than one will eat every day. So what does your smart body do? It steals the omega oils right out of YOUR brain for the baby--therefore eroding your brain cells and their functioning. But alas, there is a solution! By taking a DHA (omega oils) supplement, you can help the baby to get all the omega oils they need, and therefore, your pregnancy brain will not be that bad.

I started taking the DHA a few weeks ago, and I noticed a marked improvement in this symptom. Thanks Yaling! What a smartie she is.

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Her Able Hands said...

Good old pregnancy brain .. gotta love it! I took those DHA during both my pregnancy's and it didn't help .. of course I Am a little adult ADD already .. *shrug* Oh well! lol ;)

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